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Examinations Committee

Examinations Committee

The examinations committee evaluates the prerequisite qualifications of applicants for examination according to standards of eligibility established by the Board of Governors and recommends action to the Board. The committee develops and conducts examinations, evaluate results, and make reports and recommendations to the Board with respect to the certification of candidates.

Examinations Committee Membership

Role Name Term Expires
Chairperson Emma Kelly January 2028
Member Neha Dabral January 2025
Member Rinosh Mani January 2025
Member Solomon (Wole) Odemuyiwa January 2025
Member Mariano Carossino January 2026
Member Stephen Cole January 2026
Member Felix Toka January 2026
Member Yung-Fu Chang January 2027
Member Tamara Gull January 2027
Member Owais Khan January 2027
Member Senthilkumar Palaniyandi January 2027
Member Joseph Thomas January 2027
Member Leyi Wang January 2027
Vice-Chair Craig Reinemeyer January 2028

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