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American College of Veterinary Microbiologists American College of Veterinary Microbiologists


ACVM Committees

ACVM Committees

The committees carry out the work of ACVM. Below please find a summary of committees. Click on the name for membership and more information.

Current Committees

Committee Description
Budget Committee The budget committee works with the Treasurer to audit the income and expenditures of the College and recommends a budget to the Board of Governors.
Communications Committee The communications committee provides support and moderation of the ACVM Listserv, prepares ACVM Consensus Statements with input from the Board of Governors, and provides a newsletter for the College membership to disseminate important information to the membership.
Continuing Education and Program The continuing education and program committee plans the continuing education programs of the College and oversees the presentations.
Examinations Committee The examinations committee evaluates the prerequisite qualifications of applicants for examination according to standards of eligibility established by the Board of Governors and recommends action to the Board. The committee develops and conducts examinations, evaluate results, and make reports and recommendations to the Board with respect to the certification of candidates.
Graduate Student Awards The graduate student awards committee establishes procedures for the recognition of graduate students who present outstanding papers at the Conference of Research Workers in Animal Diseases. This committee also selects winners for graduate student travel awards presented by the College.
Maintenance of Certification Committee The maintence of certification committee plans the maintenance of certification programs of the College and oversees the processes and their performance. The committee evaluates the results of the maintenance of certification program, and make reports and recommendations to the Board of Governors with respect to candidates' maintenance of certification.
Nominating Committee The nominating committee functions to solicit nominations for all vacancies on the Board of Governors and for the President of the Board. This committee also solicits nominations for Honorary Members and nominations for the Distinguished Microbiologist of the Year award.
Representative to the Council on Biologic and Theraputic Agents (COBTA) COBTA is an AVMA Council. This Council serves as an informational and advisory resource to government agencies and to other AVMA groups on issues pertaining to veterinary biologics, drugs, and other therapeutic agents. The Council also fosters the proper use of biologic and therapeutic agents in the practice of veterinary medicine.
Representative to the Veterinary Specialty Organizations Committee (VSOC). The VSOC is an AVMA committee that functions to provide assistance to those groups expressing an interest in the establishment and recognition of a new veterinary specialty organization. The VSOC helps provide and approve standards for recognition of AVMA veterinary specialty organizations.