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American College of Veterinary Microbiologists American College of Veterinary Microbiologists


Directory of Diplomates

Directory of Diplomates

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Diplomate Listing

Name Field Specialization Job Title Organization
Sarah Caddy Academia Virology Assistant Professor Cornell
Jerry J. Callis General Not listed Not listed
Bruce W. Calnek General Professor Emeritus Not listed
Faizal Abdul Careem Academia Virology Professor, Virology University of Calgary
Leland E. Carmichael General Professor of Virology, Emeritus, Baker Institute Not listed
Mariano Carossino Academia Virology Assistant Professor Louisiana State University
C. Andrew Carson Education Research General Professor, Department of Veterinary Microbiology Not listed
Yung-Fu Chang Academia Virology
Bacteriology & Mycology
Professor Cornell University
Christopher C.L. Chase Academia Immunology
Professor South Dakota State University
M. M. Chengappa Academia General University Distinguished Professor Kansas State University
HWIYEON CHOI Diagnostics Virology DVM, Molecular Diagnostics Green Vet Diagnostics
Kris A Clothier Diagnostics Bacteriology & Mycology Adjunct Instructor Santa Rosa Junior College
Nancy E. Clough Government Virology
Sr. Staff Veterinarian Not listed
Stephen D Cole Academia Bacteriology & Mycology
Assistant Professor University of Pennsylvania
Michael T. Collins Education Research General Professor, Department of Pathobiological Sciences Not listed
William M. Colwell General Not listed Not listed
Gary A. Conboy Academia Parasitology Professor (retired) Not listed
Patricia Conrad Honorary Not listed Not listed
Lynette B. Corbeil Education Research Honorary Professor, Department of Pathology Not listed
Ignacio Correas Industry Bacteriology & Mycology
Associate Director, VMRD Global Regulatory Affairs Zoetis Inc.
Richard E. Corstvet Education Research Honorary Professor Not listed
Galaxia A Cortes Hinojosa Academia Virology Assistan Professor Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile
Hollis Utah Cox Education Research General Professor Not listed
Timothy B. Crawford Virology
Associate Professor Not listed
Charles K. Csiza Government General Research Scientist Not listed
Roy III Curtiss Education Research Honorary Not listed Not listed
Charles J. Czuprynski Academia Honorary Professor and Director of the Food Research Institute Not listed