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American College of Veterinary Microbiologists American College of Veterinary Microbiologists


Directory of Diplomates

Directory of Diplomates

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Diplomate Listing

Name Field Specialization Job Title Organization
Jean M. D'Offay Education Research Virology Professor Emeritus Not listed
Neha Dabral Academia Virology
Bacteriology & Mycology
Not listed Not listed
Sriveny Dangoudoubiyam Education Research Parasitology Assistant Professor Purdue University
Joshua B. Daniels Academia Bacteriology & Mycology Associate Professor Not listed
A. H. Dardiri General Diagnostics Research Collaborator Not listed
Sally Davis Virology Assistant Professor Kansas State University
Eliana De Luca Academia Virology Not listed University of Georgia
Mary C. DeBey Industry Bacteriology & Mycology
Not listed Not listed
Scott A. Dee Biosecurity Bacteriology & Mycology Not listed Not listed
Robert W. Dellers Education Research General Consultant Not listed
Harry W. Dickerson Education Research General Associate Professor, Medical Microbiology Not listed
Richard E. Dierks General Retired Not listed
Roland A. Dommert Education Research General Executive Vice-President Not listed
Jason Drake Industry Parasitology Director, Scientific Marketing Affairs Merck Animal Health
Jitender P Dubey Government Honorary Microbiologist Not listed
Edward J. Dubovi Education Research Honorary Not listed Not listed
Kathryn T Duncan Academia Parasitology Assistant Professor Oklahoma State University
James W. Dunn General Not listed Not listed