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American College of Veterinary Microbiologists American College of Veterinary Microbiologists

Directory of Diplomates

Directory of Diplomates

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Diplomate Listing

Name Field Specialization Job Title Organization
Thomas E. Walton Government General Director, Centers for Epidemiology and Animal Health Not listed
Leyi Wang Academia Virology Not listed Not listed
Gilbert E. Ward General Professor Not listed
James F.X. Wellehan Education Research Virology
Bacteriology & Mycology
Alumni Fellow Not listed
Ronald D. Welsh Diagnostics General Veterinary Microbiologist Not listed
John M. Wempe Academia Virology
Bacteriology & Mycology
Assistant Dean, Medical Student Affairs Not listed
David M. White Government Virology Safety and Security Unit Lead Not listed
Howard W. Whitford General Retired Not listed
Rebecca Penrose Wilkes Academia Virology
Bacteriology & Mycology
Assistant Professor and Section Head Purdue University, Animal Disease Diagnostic Lab
Alexander J. Winter Education Research General Professor of Vet Microbiology Not listed
Roland W. Winterfield General Professor Not listed
Richard Witter Academia Honorary Not listed Not listed
Lynn F. Woodard Education Research General Head/Director Not listed
Amelia R. Woolums Academia Virology
Assistant Professor Not listed