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American College of Veterinary Microbiologists American College of Veterinary Microbiologists


Directory of Diplomates

Directory of Diplomates

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Diplomate Listing

Name Field Specialization Job Title Organization
Joseph H. Gainer General Visiting Consultant Not listed
Charles Gale Industry General Not listed Not listed
Antonio E. Garmendia Academia Immunology
Not listed Not listed
Marie-Lou Gauthier Government Bacteriology & Mycology Veterinary microbiologist MAPAQ Quebec government
Richard Gerhold Parasitology Not listed Not listed
Laurel J. Gershwin Education Research General Distinguished Professor University of California, Davis
Giovanni Ghielmetti Education Research Bacteriology & Mycology Not listed University of Zurich
Kazal K Ghosh Government Bacteriology & Mycology
Veterinary Microbiologist Ministry of Agriculture and Food, Government of British Columbia
John Gilleard Academia Parasitology Professor, Parasitology; Not listed
James H. Gillespie General Not listed Not listed
Davide Giovanardi Diagnostics Bacteriology & Mycology Technical Director of the Laboratory Not listed
Maurice Daniel Givens Education Research Virology Dean Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine
Yun Young Go Academia Virology Assistant Professor Konkuk University
Stefanie Gobeli Brawand Government Bacteriology & Mycology Not listed Not listed
Williams S. Gochenour, Jr. General President Not listed
David E. Granstrom Administration Parasitology Assistant Executive Vice President AVMA
Andrea Grassi Diagnostics Bacteriology & Mycology Not listed IZSLER
Ronald W. Griffith Education Research General Not listed Not listed
Michael G. Groves Education Research General Dean Not listed
Jorge Guerrero Academia Parasitology Adjunct Professor Not listed
Tamara Gull Academia Immunology
Bacteriology & Mycology
Associate Clinical Professor University of Missouri
Baoqing Guo Academia Virology Diagnostic Associate II Iowa State University
Donald P. Gustafson General Not listed Not listed
Carlton L. Gyles Education Research Honorary Professor Not listed